LANAP Dental Procedure - The Newest Form of Dentistry

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Published: 11th August 2010
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Laser technology has been used in a variety of different applications in recent years and one of the newest forms deals with dentistry. The Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, is a dental procedure that works to help with taking care of the harmful condition of periodontitis that many adults can suffer from.

Periodontitis, a gum disease in adults that can damage the gums and cause teeth to feel lose, is a painful condition and if it is not treated a person's teeth could easily fall out. Traditional treatments for this condition have been known to be very painful. However, the LANAP procedure is one that is painless and is especially effective.

What makes LANAP unique is that it is not an evasive form of dentistry. Instead of the dentist using scaling to get into the gums to treat the periodontitis a laser is used to treat the condition. An examination of the gums is used to see how deep the disease has gotten in the gums. After this is used a laser will be used on the gums. The laser is set to a wavelength that works to damage and remove tissues that are unhealthy and to preserve the healthy areas.

After the laser is used the dentist will use some hand tools to remove the bacterium that was removed from the gums. After the bacteria is removed a laser will be used one more time to close up the gums so that nothing, including bacteria, will get in them.

LANAP is a painless procedure and there is no anesthetic that is used in the process. Also, with the laser being used there will be a substantially lower amount of bleeding in the process than what is normally found in standard processes for periodontitis.

Another benefit of LANAP is that the recovery time from this form of dentistry will be much shorter than that of what is used for a standard procedure. There is less time needed during the visit to take care of the periodontitis and there is less of a need for a great amount of follow-up visits to the dentist after the procedure takes place.

LANAP has become especially popular among dentists in recent years. LANAP has become widely available in the United States and the number of dentists in the United Kingdom that have been trained to handle this procedure has risen over the years. The benefits and ease of this process has helped to make it become more popular.

The LANAP dental procedure is a great form of dentistry that is especially effective. This procedure works to help with stopping the spread of periodontitis in the gums and to help with removing it from the gums. It is a painless process that is handled with ease and is becoming more popular around the world.


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